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Dr. Bush
Dr. Bush, Doctor (MD)
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How is the shelf life of morphine sulfate. My son has sickle

Customer Question

How long is the shelf life of morphine sulfate. My son has sickle cell anemia. He was perscribed morphine sulfate to take at home in case of a crysis.
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. Bush replied 10 years ago.
if this is an injection its 6 months. the oral comes in many forms, extended release, regular release, etc. from the packagin the average is one year "shelf life".
it should say on the bottle somewhere what the expiration date is, or you can always call your pharmacy where you got it, they should show a record. unfortunately even if given to you less than one year ago we dont know how old it was when the pharmacy gave it to you anyway; so they probably need to be called unless you can find it on the bottle.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
They gave him both the exteneded release and the regular release form. The bottle says 12/06. When they gave it to us they said that they had just got it in the safe that same day. What could be the side effects of morphine taken after the expiration date?
Expert:  Dr. Bush replied 10 years ago.
if you mean it says expires 12/06? dont use it. if it was given 12/06 you are okay to use either one as direct by his dr. fot this year.
After the expiration date, medications may deteriorate and not work as intended and may even be harmful. they are often less effetive as well. since its not advised to take it return it to the pharmacy that gave it you and they can call the dr for a refill.
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Expert:  Dr. Bush replied 10 years ago.
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