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I know i dont have genital herpes. But i have recently used

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i know i dont have genital herpes. But i have recently used a new product....a scented jelly during sex that was rubbed on the exact area that is infected. But also i have been on antiboitics recentely for treating an illness....i have no pain during urination, no vaginal discharge, or anything else. Just the bumps or sores. Where did it come from and why. Please help me!!!!

Being on antibiotics can weaken good bacteria, plus with you using the scented jelly, and friction from sex, and the lowered immune system, this may have caused the sore to occur. Also being on antibiotics can cause a yeast infection, which your own immune system may have tried to fight it off as well. Which can make the vaginal area more sensitive. At this point wash with a mild soap, and apply neosporin to the area. If this doesn't help over the next couple of days, then you will need to be seen for a proper in person evaluation by your doctor. Just to make sure you don't need any type of stronger antibiotic than what Neosporin is. Do avoid sex until this is cleared up, as further irritation won't help it heal.

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Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Thank you for responding! Do the warm baths and ice packs help also? And every time i tried to look up info on the internet, the only thing that kept coming up is herpes.....and i know herpes is not the only reason that can cause blister or sores on the vagina, right?? Could a yeast infection cause the sores?

The warm baths can be soothing, if the ice packs help, you can also continue that. Just don't leave the ice on too long, as the skin in this area is sensitive. Yes, herpes is known to give clusters of sores/blisters etc. But other things can cause this too. Such as shaving, friction, infected follicles to even yeast infections. I'm not there to see the sores, but there are "other" things that can cause sores in that area other than herpes. But if the above doesn't help, then following up with your doctor for an in person evaluation and even possible swabbing of the area is needed, so you know 100% what you are dealing with and the cause.

I'm not sure if you looked up photos of herpes, however click here and click here, The 2nd link is of explicit photos, and are generally of the worst case too. But this will give you a better idea too.

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Customer: replied 10 years ago.
I know i dont have genital herpes. And from the photos the expert who previouly answered my question i know that i definately dont have it. I have these sore or blisters on my vagina. No vaginal discharge, no pain during urination or anything else. Just the sores. But recently i have tried a new scented jelly during sex, and the affected area is exactly where the jelly was applied. But also i have recently been on antibiotics for an illness, and i know that could also be a possibility. Could the sores come from maybe having a yeast infection? Or from a reaction to the jelly? What can i go and buy out of the store to help treat this? My last answer from an expert was to try neosporin. Any other recommendations? How can i treat this?? Please help me! And if the same expert gets this question, i just wanted to know any other store brands that would help. Thank you so much

Hello again,

I'm glad the photos helped to rule it out. As that allows you to see what they generally look like and you can compare. So chances are this is either due to the jelly, lowered immune system from the antibiotics etc.

It would be best to stick to any antibacterial cream. This will allow it to fight infection. Plus it will help to not burn. If you used anything else like peroxide, that can actually make it worse.

If it starts to heal, you can also use Vaseline to help keep the sores protected. Otherwise, just wash the area gently with a lather of antibacterial soap, pat dry well and apply the cream. Which can be any antibacterial cream. And since you did have the antibiotics, you may also want to eat a couple of yogurts a day too, as this helps bring back the good bacteria the vaginal area needs when one takes antibiotics.

Hope this additional information was helpful.

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