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My 6-yr-old daughter has a blotchy rash. Her cheeks looked

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My 6-yr-old daughter has a blotchy rash. Her cheeks looked sunburned. The rest of the rash looks blotchy, with some raised red bumps. It's on her neck (front), upper arms, thighs, and tush. What could it be? Is it contagious?

Does she have any fever or sore throat?

Any sweling in ear neck or throat area?

How long has it been since these symptoms presented?

Any other relevant symp***** *****ke abdominal pain or headache?

It would be useful to know to understand the condition better, thanks.Please reply soon.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to haloprecious's Post: She's not complaining of anything else and her appetite, etc., are normal. The rash does feel warm to the touch, but she doesn't seem to have a fever.
Thanks for replying.

There are a lot of illnesses which cause red rashes all over the body in a child. However with all of these conditions present with considerable fever, except the Fifth disease. In addition with most of them, either a sore throat or loss of apetite or lethargy or swelling of nodes is noticed.

Your daughter very likely has the fifth disease. I say very likely because I know only the symptoms and cannot really examine or look at the child. This is a viral infection which may present with mild flu like symptoms initially which passes off to give way to blotched bright red rashes on cheeks which then spreads to the body sparing the palms and soles. The rash is warm to touch.
It is commonly seen in children less than 10 years though can occur in adults too particularly those low on immunity.

This condition is contagious though the it stops being so once the rash appears. This usually is self limiting and passes away on its own.

But if the rash is widely spread as in your daughter's case, it should be shown to the pediatrician.
More information here-

Hope this was useful and you are welcome to ask doubts or questions if any.Thanks.
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