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Sarah Rachel
Sarah Rachel, Nutritional Consultant / Herbalist
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Experience:  Nutritional Consultant, Herbalist, Natural Health Advocate, Studying to be a Holistic Practitioner
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My husband used meth for about two years. he has been clean

Customer Question

My husband used meth for about two years. he has been clean for two years now. I would like to know the side affect that may still be there after all this time.
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Sarah Rachel replied 10 years ago.

Hello my friend,

I understand your concern and I will do everything I can to help you. :) First of all it is good to hear that your husband has been clean for two years. Drugs like meth can have a dramatic impact on the body, but once a person is clean the effects of the drug can lessen over time. Methampehtamine produces an artificial boost of self confidence. Meth users typically try to expand their limits and do things they normally would not do or try to accomplish. Getting off meth can be rather difficult and produce extreme lows or withdrawal symptoms while going through the healing crisis. Meth users are typically used to staying awake and when coming off the drug they can go through periods of crashing, and end up sleeping for long periods of time. The brain starts to become out of balance and a person coming off meth can feel extreme paranoia or sometimes strange violent behavior. It can be difficult to come off meth and the effects are strongest when first coming off the drug. However these kind of effects especially the paranoia can last for years after drug use has stopped. Everyone is different and while some people may have mild side effects after coming off the drug some people experience all of the side effects.

Other side effects of meth after use include:

Severe weight gain or loss- sometimes up to 50-100 pounds

Teeth may start to rot, and turn gray, gum disease

Strange body odor

Itching all of the body

Difficulty sleeping

Severe agitation

Depression-feelings of extreme sadness

Violence- hurting others of ones self

Malnutrition- low appetite or increased appetite

Liver, brain and kidney damage

Increased susceptibility to other illnesses-poor diet contributes to this

If your husband stays clean over the years the side effects can become lessened and with a good diet and detox program he can re gain good health. I will list some health and nutrition recommendations to help your husband and you may want to do some of these things yourself to help improve your over all health and wellbeing. Even if a person doesn't use drugs or has used them in the past they should still detox because in our environment we are exposed to soo many chemicals and pollutants which harm our bodies.

Health and Nutrition

Take a whole food multi-vitamin and mineral supplement. Be sure it stays WHOLE FOOD. Don't use vitamins like one a day or centrum as they are made with chemicals rather than food. Be sure the multi contains 1000 mg of calcium per day to help re build the teeth. You can also buy an additional calcium supplement to be sure to get to that daily amount. Meth leaches calcium from the teeth and bones so its very important to be sure he gets plenty of it now to help re build and repair.

Take flax seed or fish oil daily. At least 1 TBS spoon. I myself prefer flax oil because it tastes better to me, but some prefer fish oil. You can purchase this at your local health food store. These oils contain essential Omega 3 fatty acids which work to repair the cells in the body especially in the brain. They coat and protect the brain and the oil thins the blood naturally helping to prevent blood clots and other health problems. The healing properties of these oils are truly amazing.

Eat a healthy diet full of fruits and veggies. Avoid fast food and junk food. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of pure water each day to flush the body of toxins.


Be sure that he drinks liquid chlorophyll every day. This can be found in the heath food stores. It has amazing detox and healing benefits.

Start juicing organic fruits and veggies. A wonderful detox drink is apple carrot and cucumber juice. Include this in his diet every day. Be sure that is is drinking pure water as this also detoxify.

Use a chlorine filter on your shower and bath to be sure your bathing in pure water. As chlorine can build the toxic effect on our bodies. Our skin absorbs everything that we put on it and can absorb large amounts of chlorine through bathing and showing. A detox bath can be helpful once per week. Include 1 cup of baking soda, and one cup of epsom salts in a warm bath.

I hope this helps. Please click on accept otherwise please request more information. I am always here for you.

Take care

Sarah :)

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Can you tell me if there can be affects with joints muscles and back pain in the long term affects?
Expert:  Sarah Rachel replied 10 years ago.

Hello my friend,

Yes the after effects of meth can affect the joints and muscles contributing to pain and weakness. This happens because the drug breaks the body down and typically the longer the use the worse it can become. Your husband may of also be genetically pre disposed to have joint or muscle problems and the meth just contributed to it to set the problem over the edge. A persons skeleton provides structure and support for the body. Joints are areas where the bones meet together which allows the skeleton to be more flexible with movement. They are also cushioned with membranes, fluid and cartilage. Bone loss and density contributes to joint and muscle problems because they all work together in unison and if one part of the body is lacking it affects other parts of the body. As people age they tend to lose minerals and bone loss. Meth use for just one year can contribute to bone density loss of calcium and other minerals equal to 6 years or more of aging. This is an estimate based on how meth use affects bone loss as compared to how aging affects bone loss naturally. Meth works like a vacuum leaching out calcium and other valuable minerals. The effects can be rapid and long lasting even years after use. This is why calcium is soo important for him now. A liquid calcium magnesium supplement can also be very helpful as magnesium helps the body to better absorb calcium. I will include a web site which gives detailed information on what to do to repair joints. It is quite helpful and includes information on omega 3 fatty acids that I mentioned. That is one of the best things he can do to help his joints.

I hope this helps. Please click on accept otherwise please request more information. I am always here for you.

Take care

Sarah :)