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Bumps filled with blood and pus on my pubic area like

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bumps filled with blood and pus on my pubic area like pimples very painful one is about 3in. in length feels like a cyst.
Since you are online, could you please give some more information:

Since how long have you had them?

Any recent history of unprotected sexual exposure?

Are there any ulcers or sores?

I am available online to help you further after I get this info.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
they always show up during my period i also had a large hard pimple on my face in beteen my eyes it was hard just like this one on my private area and i picked it till the fluid came out it was like a pimple i get these on my privates just about evey month but this is large as a quarter and very painful very hard to the touch as far as the sex i just have one partner we have been together for 7yrs. i dont go outside of our realationship i cant speak for him i hope for the last question i had three small ones and one med. size in the crease of my leg were it connects to my privte area and i squezed it and nothing came out but it felt like it was trying to bust then this larger one poped up and it is very sore and hard it is located on in the hair but it is right on the edge of the top of my vaginal lip . hope i have given you enough info

This seems like a Staphylococcal infection. Staphylococcal infection, or boils, are common in this area and occur at the hair bases. They are contagious, meaning when you touch one and then touch another part of the skin, it will try to infect that part of the skin also if it gets the chance. Not something that came from your partner.

For this, you will have to approach a doctor. You will need a prescription antibiotic which cannot be given over the net. Dont worry, a straight course of antibiotics will clear it up permanently.

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Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Dr. D. Evans's Post: what kind of antibiotic and why does this accur is that what is on my face also
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Relist: I still need help.
what kind of antibiotic? and for how long and don,t they stay in your body and throw your systems off balance and if they do how do you flush them out

You will need antibiotics like Amoxycillin + Clavulinic acid, or Clindamycin. There are in fact a host of antibiotics that can be prescribed, your doctor will choose the most appropriate for you. Or he may do a Culture and senstitivity test to find out what antibiotics you need.

You need not worry so much about antibiotics, they have to be taken at some point. They wont stay on in your body. Of course, you may feel slightly dizzy/ lightheaded at the time you are taking the pills, but not so much that you need to worry about that.