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My dad had what I understand was a rare

Customer Question

My dad had what I understand was a rare condition/disease/disorder that resulted in excess buildup of bone tissue. He had both hips replaced and when they had to prepare the hip socket, they had to scrape away lots of bone spurs. The doctor stated that my dad's hips were some of the worst that he had ever had to deal with. This first hip he had done I guess was basically fused. Which fit with how my dad walked, he sort of swung his hips forward.

I need to know the name of the condition/disease/disorder and what the likelihood of it being an inherited trait?

I would appreciate any help that you can give me.
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  JenRN replied 10 years ago.
I believe the disease your looking for is osteopetrosis, which is the excessive build up of bone tissue.
It is a congential disease (which means you were born with it). The best way to rule it out is xray or MRI of the long bones. It is a very uncommon condition.

There are other possibilities, but this is the first one that comes to mind. Hope you find this helpful.

Also - if you click the 'osteopetrosis' link it will take you to a site all about the condition.