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I have a synovial cyst on my right index finger. Can this be

Resolved Question:

I have a synovial cyst on my right index finger. Can this be caused from using the mouse too much? I'm sure it is as I've written three editions of textbook. Continued typing makes it worse. The doctor says it is not work related ("that it just happened"), but he works for my employer. I have no underlying joint disease and I'm 48 years old. What percentage of synovial cysts on the right index finger (middle joint) are work related?
What's really odd is that both the MD and the Workman's Comp insurance person said it was work related, and then when I called the insurance company to make sure all the papers were in order, she "double-checked" with the MD, and now it's not work related. I'm really confused.
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. German replied 10 years ago.

Causes of synovial cysts are uncertain, the most popular theory is that synovial cysts form ,when the tissue that surrounds a joint, bulges out of place and fills with fluid.

I am sorry ,there is no a specific percentage of synovial cysts,work related.

But , there is a relation between the repetitive use of the joint affected and the synovial cysts development , these grow larger,when you use the affected joint, and grow smaller when you are at rest.

Synovial cysts,often , changes of size. Many of them,disappear spontaneously.

The definitive treatment , will be an aspiration of the cyst, there are no complications to aspiration.

The % of recurrence after aspiration,is 20%.

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Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to ALVARO's Post: Alright, then in your own practice (based on your experience), what % of synovial cysts in the right index finger are work related.

Also, I had asked what happens if I don't aspirate and it doesn't go away? Will there be permanent damage?

thank you,
Expert:  Dr. German replied 10 years ago.

In my practice. 25 % of synovial cysts are work related.

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