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I have been having really bad cramps on my left side for

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I have been having really bad cramps on my left side for about 5 days now they come and go alay and all night long and i am not on my period. They arepain full is is something worth going to the emergency for?

When you say left side, is this the lower or upper left side?

Any problems with having a bowel movement or gas?


Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Lindie's Post: it is right in the middle- kind of up a little but kind of lower near my rips. i have no gas but i have been going to the bath room alot not peeing as much but i have had some nausia and diarah

Pain here most often suggests a problem in the colon. It's possible you may also have some trapped gas, which may be causing bowel spasms. Which when in a certain position can be worse and then let up etc. This can be confirmed with an X ray. If so, there is medication such as Dicyclomine which will help. But either way, since this has been going on now for 5 days, you do need to follow up with your doctor for an in person evaluation.

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
you dont think it has anything to do with my kidneys at all? is it something to see the er for? my doctor is so busy its hard to get a apt in with him

Going by your location, which I'm assuming is in the front left not the back left, yes?

Any problems with burning or pressure to urinate?

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Lindie's Post: i have been having problems peeing//- and the pain is hard to pin point but it feels like it is traveling it starts in the back and moves more torwards my side and then my back again. It does not really burn when i pee but it feels un comftorble when i pee

OK, I misunderstood where the location was. I'm sorry.

It may be a kidney stone, or the start of a kidney infection. However, because of the pain location and with there being no burning with urination, I would lean more toward a kidney stone at this point.

If the pain is bad, I would say be seen tonight in the ER. Otherwise, if you see your doctor tomorrow, he will send you for tests to confirm. Which may be tomorrow or Tuesday. So to be on the safe side you may want to be seen tonight.

Click here to read more on this too. If this is due to a kidney stone, depending upon the size, they may allow you to pass it, but that will be determined after an in person exam is done.

Hope this helps Hun

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Customer: replied 10 years ago.
okay thank you i may end up going to the er/- my doctor is so busy i dont know when i would be able to be seen/- my friend said that when you have kindney problems you get one red line a little under your eye (on each side is this true?.

I have never heard of anything like that. It may be an old wives tale though. If your doctor is busy, then you may want to follow up in the ER. In the mean time, do make sure you drink plenty of fluids, this will help keep the kidneys flushed.

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
thank you so much//- it does help alot :) you are amazing