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Cheryl K.
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In July of 2006 I was diagnosed (through a biopsy) with an

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In July of 2006 I was diagnosed (through a biopsy) with an agressive prostate cancer. PSA was 180. I started hormone treatment and when that no longer had its desired affect they began a three month taxatere chemo treatment that began March 6, 2007. My left leg has been swollen since last year and now have developed blood clots in the left leg and in my lungs. For the next 6 months I will be taking Lovenox for treatment. I just got out of the hospital and we have a hot tub. Here's my question: Is it safe to use the hot tub or will this only complicate the problem with the blood clots? Thank you very much for your help!
Lubbock, Texas
The warm water flow will not hurt with the clotting process in fact it should help. You would want to make sure the chemicals were in proper ratio so as to not have any issues with infection but the problem with blood clots is best reduced by exercise, even deep massages, leg exercises and even some deep breathing exercises. But no part of the rehabilitation process in hosptals is a warm water stir procedure using a portable mini hot tub for the lower extremitiesso this would help more than hurt as long as the chemicals are in balance to not allow for any infection to occur. I do also recommend after using the hot tub for you to also shower off with water to remove the chlorine as well.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Cheryl K.'s Post: I appreciate you getting right back to me. I have read your answer, and as you would know, am being very careful about my condition. In your estimation, it is ok to use the hot tub--Even when the clot is still in the leg and some in the lungs? Would that not maybe release them into my system with the hot water and constant messaging effect? Maybe I don't understand clots and how they are formed or how they dissolve in the body. Especially after my doctor said to not do anything for the next 5 - 7 days; except go to the restroom. I'm sorry if I'm being a little paranoid, but just being sure. Thanks Again!
Kevin O
it is stil okay and the warm flowing water actually helps to increase blood flow so it can not only help but prevent clots. They will desove but when they desolve then your blood is not blocked and is allowing for even blood flow for proper circulation. Now I do recommend if your doctor said for you to not do anything for 5-7 dsys except to go to the bathroom then do follow that advise for sure but once that period has passed the hot tub will be helpful to you and your circulation. I hope this helps you to understand better and you are so welcome for my help!!
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