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Doctor_Manju, Physician & Gynaecologist
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My lungs feels like it has some fluids for the last 7 hours.

Resolved Question:

My lungs feels like it has some fluids for the last 7 hours. I don't feel the need to cough, but I am trying to cough it out (nothing comes out, maybe 2 times out of 45 coughs). If I don't cough, it feels like the fluid is "growing more".....
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Doctor_Manju replied 10 years ago.


Any fever?

What other symptoms you have?

Are you taking any medication?

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
No fever, I don't even feel sick.

(I take vicodin for my back every night).

Also, it feels like it is in the middle of my throat/lungs - just fluids.
Expert:  Doctor_Manju replied 10 years ago.


Fluid in the lungs is a serious ilness. It is complication of certain serious diseases such as heart failure & if there is fluid in lungs it causes shortness in breath & weezing.I dont think yoiu have any fluid in your lungs.

You may have cough stucked in lungs.

You need:

1.Expectorant syrup containing salbutamol & guaiphenesin.

2, Have a chest X-ray PA view to reveal the abnormality.


Hope this helped

Any more help.......

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Doctor_Manju's Post: When I breath I do feel little "rattle".
If I don't cough, I feel the fluid "gaining" more and it feels like it is then stuck in my throat.
Expert:  Doctor_Manju replied 10 years ago.


I can understand your problem.

You need physical examination & examination by stethoscope to listen lung & heart sounds.

So I advice you to have a chest X- ray & consult chest physician for examination & treat accordinglly.


All the best.........

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