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I could see the puss around the toe like a huge pimple it

Resolved Question:

i could see the puss around the toe like a huge pimple it really hurts, i want to know how to pop it.
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  MasterDoc replied 10 years ago.
Well obviously I can't really advice that you do this on your own. The risk of complications if it doesn't work out is simply too high. Having said that, the first thing to do to pop a pimple like this is to prepare it for a day or two by warm compresses at least 4 times a day for a couple of days. This will bring it to a head and make recurrence a little less likely. Once it is fully "ripe" and ready to be popped, pick out the spot where it seems to "point" ie bulge the most. Clean the area well with betadine solution (available in a drugstore). LET IT FULLY DRY. Then scrub it again and let it dry fully again. Then stick a WIDE needle (as wide as you can handle) in enough to make a good size opening (perhaps better is a cut with a straight edge razor). Rinse the area thoroughly with sterile water until as much puss as possible is removed. Repeat the cleaning again (using the hole that is already there) 8 hours later. Bandage with a sterile bandage.
And then hope it doesn't come back or that you haven't given yourself a worse infection.

It really would be better to have it done by an MD.
Please click ACCEPT. Feel free to ask a follow-up question.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go to an MD if you are a diabetic!!! OR you have a HIGH risk of losing your toe!
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Expert:  MasterDoc replied 10 years ago.
By the way, you added the "tried popping with needle" AFTER I started my answer so I didn't see it.