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I used a 100" olive oil as a vaginal lubricant - it is

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I used a 100" virgin olive oil as a vaginal lubricant - it is cosmetic grade and has nothing in it but olive oil - it is not for cooking and is in a closed bottle. Have I done the wrong thing? I have tried so many personal lubricants but they make things worse not better as they are sticky and drying. The olive oil worked fabulously but now I wonder why it is not marketed for this use? I am married, and my husband and we don't need to use condoms. I know if using condoms one has to protect the latex and vegetable oils are not used. I am 51 years old and need a lubricant to make sex pleasurable. Can I use this again? If not will this one time cause a problem? And what other oil can I use instead?

I would recommend you,to follow these measures ,to relieve the vaginal dryness

Drink 2 liters of water every day

Other remedies, are natural progesterone creams intravaginally,this step with your doctor approval,first

I do not recommend you,to use olive oil intravaginally, because it could produce a severe inflammation reaction, and this can be very dangerous.

But you can add canola,sunflower and olive oil to your diet, these will lubricate your body

Other important measure,will be the consumption of soybean oil in your diet, soybean oil increases the production of estrogen, (the main cause of vaginal dryness in older women are low levels of estrogen)

Other measure, is to insert a vitamin E capsule intra-vaginally.

Other lubricant ,over the counter,are Astroglide or K-Y, THESE LUBRICATE your vagina for several hours.

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to ALVARO's Post: Do you think I need to contact my doctor because I used olive oil and might get a severe inflammation reaction. Do I need to be worried or alarmed? Do I need to see a doctor?
Right now, you do not need to contact your doctor, you do not have any symptoms of inflammation. But in the future, you must not use olive oil intravaginally again.
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