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I have been single for a while, but i just recently started

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i have been single for a while, but i just recently started a new relationship so i decided to get STD testing, but i will not know the results until the end of this week.
the day before i went in to get tested i noticed a brownish coloration present in my semen.
there is no pain, no blood, no unusual odor or any other noticeable dysfunction or complications.
today i masturbated to see if the discoloration is still present and it is still there.
it has now been a week since i first observed the change.
since it had been sometime before then that i had ejaculated, i cannot truely know how long this condition may have been present.
i have tried to find information online regarding the discoloration of semen & it's possible causes but i am not locating much useful information.
do you know of anything that can cause this to occur, either because of STD's or otherwise?

Brown semen is indicative of blood. Blood in semen can be caused by inflammation, infection, blockage, or injury anywhere along the male reproductive tract. It may indicate disease or a problem within the urethra, testicles, epididymis, or prostate. Blood in the semen is usually the result of inflammation of the seminal vesicles, and will usually go away spontaneously. Sometimes, the cause cannot be determined. If it continues, please see your doctor for an exam and testing to determine what the exact cause may be.
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