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What causes a cyst on the eyeball How do you remove ...

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What causes a cyst on the eyeball? How do you remove it? Is there a possibility of malignancy?

There are various reasons which could appear as cyst on the eye. Some of the common ones are-
  • hordeolum or sty
  • meibomian cyst
  • trachoma cysts on the lids
These usually appear on the lid and a sty can be very painful. The first two ( sty and meibomian cyst ) are harmless though it requires treatment to get rid off.

Here is more information on how to treat them

Meibomian cyst

In addition to this, there can be other cysts which appear on the eye ball itself. This may be benign as well as malignant and would require a consultation by an eye doctor. Trachoma also needs to be treated by an eye doctor as it can cause scarring and damage to the eyelids.

If there is a single cyst on the eye lid, it is more likely to be a sty or meibomian cyst. In that case you could use eye drops and apply heat on the area as directed in the links. If there is no relief within a day, go to an eye doctor.

IF there are multiple cyst on the lid or the cyst is on the eye, do not self treat and go to the eye doctor for further treatment.

Hope this was useful and you are welcome to ask doubts if any or if you need more information by clicking on answer or info to ask. Thanks.

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
My concern is a clear round growth on the eyeball itself. It is on the white of the eye touching the iris of the eye. I am told it is a cyst, but none of my questions were answered by the Dr. I saw because he was in too big of a hurry! This growth is not on my eyelid. I would just like to know what may have caused this and if there is a chance of malignancy. This is my best eye for sight because my other eye has a small hole in the macular.
The white of the eye would be sclera. There are a number of conditions which can cause a clear round growth in this region. The chances are more likely that this is benign or harmless because the malignant or cancerous ones show pigmentation or discoloration (redness of the eye).

The benign lesions which can cause this kind of growth are-
  • dermoid cyst
  • epithelial inclusion cysts- These are the commonest and grows if the epithelium gets embedded in the deeper tissues. Tough mild trauma or inflammation has been cited as the cause it has been seen in cases where there was no trauma
  • Parasitic cysts- Sometimes the cysts of parasites deposit in the eye causing the growth of tissue around it. This can happen if there was a parasitic infestation in the past.
  • Lymphatic cysts- these are collections of lymph and form a transparent cystic growth
Here is a list of malignant growth of the eyes with photographs. Click on the conjuntival tumors to see them.

The doctor should have given you time and allayed your fears. Treatment is usually excision if the cyst shows a growth and threatens to encroach on vision. If it is relatively small and does not any growth, it may be left as such.

Hope this addressed your queries and was useful. If you still have questions, feel free to ask. Thanks.
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