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Is it safe to clean your vagina with water and vinegar?

Customer Question

Is it safe to clean your vagina with water and vinegar?
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Susan replied 10 years ago.


I would NOT clean yourself with vinegar. Here's why:

Vinegar has a high acid content, and if you were to cleanse very soft, delicate tissue such as your vaginal area (inside or outside) the acid in the vinegar could tear away at your vaginal tissue. You may not feel it right away, but after repeated 'cleansing' like this, you would start to experience problems with anything related to your vagina--pregnancy, birth, periods, infections, etc. Even though you would not see effects after one use, a gynocologist would see the effects and ask you what you've been doing.

The best way to keep yourself clean is soap and water. There is no need to douche or cleanse any other way, because our bodies cleanse our vaginal areas naturally. Some women think that if there is an odor 'down there' that it is dirty. The truth is just the opposite. There is supposed to be a slight smell because that is what is natural. If ther eis no smell at all, that is when you know you've been 'cleaning' too much. Like I said, there is no need to douche or cleanse becuase our bodies naturally do this for us. Just wash your body like you normally would, and don't worry about that extra step. It's already taken care of for you. :o)

Please take a moment to view this web site and read about ways to take care of your vagina. It does specifically say NOT to cleanse.

Good luck. Take care of YOU.