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I have had an earache for the past couple of days. It hurts

Resolved Question:

I have had an earache for the past couple of days. It hurts when I swallow along with a sore throat I have never had ear problems before. I also am very congested and weak and tired. I have not been swimming, the only thing I have done in the past few weeks is take a six hour flight
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Cheryl K. replied 10 years ago.
Your ear, nose, and throat are all connected so when you have an infection within one of these areas then it can cause the other areas to ache as well. If you noticed the ache in your ear first then the throat pain followed then it is most likely an ear infection that can be an outer, middle, or inner ear infection and will need topical antibiotic drops and maybe even an oral antibiotic as well to clear up the infection. If the throat pain came first then it could be a bacterial infection such as strep that is now affecting your ear. In some cases even if you have never had an infection in your ear it is still possible to develop one, especially in rare cases of water retention from taking a shower. I, like you am not prone to ear infections but had one a year ago and it was due to water in the ear and in some cases it can happen due to as differnce in air pressure such as the air flight you just returned from. Either way in most all cases such as this it is bacterial in nature especially when it travels to the other areas such as even your nasal passages and needs antibiotic drops and possible oral antibiotics to clear the infection up. They do sell earache drops at most all drug stores and/or Wal-mart but you run the risk of sending the infection further into the ear canal so you need to use some warm compresses and lay on the side of the ear that is hurting so gravity can help if it is due to water retention until you can be seen. It can take only a drop or two of water retained in the ear to develop bacteria and infection so it is best to be seen since you are having pain not only in the ear but in the throat as well.
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