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My tear ducts are not producing tears the Dr. says they are ...

Resolved Question:

My tear ducts are not producing tears the Dr. says they are extremenly dry and also says SPK over eyeballs. This Dr is not giving me much answers he says I may go blind and is refering me to another specialist. My vision i the past month since this problem started has gotten very bad I can barely see.
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Judy replied 10 years ago.
You need to see this other specialist asap - this is imperative to stop the scarring process. Keratitis has many causes - if yours is do to bacterial or viral or fungal infection - that needs to be treated in order to reduce the chances of scarring and save the area of the cornea that overlies the visual field - the center of the eye where the pupil is seen as well as the surrounding area. Do not take no for an answer - if the specialist cannot see you then call others or go to a specialty hospital and show up in their emergency room.

Here you can find a list of 37 doctors that are eye specialists within a 25 mi radius of Blair.- they actually all seem to be in Omaha but have various hospital affiliations.
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