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Can you possibly explain why my cervix is red and swollen. i

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Can you possibly explain why my cervix is red and swollen. i have just attended for a second attempt at a cervical smear test. On both occassions the Nurse could not do the smear becos my cervix was red and swollen. On the first occassion I was given canneston pesseries even though I had no symptoms associated with thrush. Later I was given estrogen cream (HRT) even though I have no symptoms of the menopause (except no periods for four years).


You probably have cervicitis. Most commonly, cervicitis is the result of an infection, although it can also be caused by injury or irritation (a reaction to the chemicals in douches and contraceptives, for example, or a forgotten tampon). Infections can be due to STD's or yeast infection or bacterial infection such as G.Vaginalis, Streptococcal or Staphylococcal infection. You need to be treated according to the cause of the cervicitis to make the redness and the swelling disappear. I suggest to you to see a Gynecologist. If you already have a Gynecologist i suggest to you to get a second opinion. For detailed information please check the link just below:'

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
I read the article I am prone to Staff infections but My Swab came back with no further action. What should I ask for next???


If you do not have discharge or you have discharge and swab test did not show anything or negative or inconclusive then they can do urine and blood test to rule out an infection such as STD' s , bacterial infections causing cervicitis. In the mean time i suggest to you to stay away chemical irritants in douches, in lubricants , feminine hygiene products etc . If you still keep having the swelling and redness then the next steps can be taken. They are colposcopy, cervicography and cervical biopsy.

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