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Rebecca, Dietitian
Category: Health
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Experience:  I have worked in adult and maternal nutrition, child nutrition, lactation, and care for 7 years
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What does it mean if u get chest pains before a bowel

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what does it mean if u get chest pains before a bowel movement and when u get the chills?   and both sensations are in the same area...upper inner left chest area.


It could mean just about anything:

Upper, inner left - sounds like reflux. Try cutting back on fat, caffeine (especially coffee), citrus fruits, and tomatoes - take some Tums or Zantac and see if it clears up.


Are the chills associated with the bowel movements? Or with the pain? If the pain, chills, and bowel movement are all happening together, you may need to see the doctor.

Is it possible you have lactose intolerance or a wheat allergy? Allergic reactions could also cause all those symptoms at the same time. Also, some of my clients get this response when they eat too much sugar, have been binge-purging (definitely need help if that's the case), eat too soon after running, or have appendicitis.

At any rate, if you have pain, cramping, low-grade fevers or chills continue longer than 48 hours, you should call a doctor and check what they would like to have you do.

Good luck! Let me know if I can give you any further advice on any of the diet-related issues!


Customer: replied 10 years ago.
i'll feel a pain and then have to take a bowel movement.. or if i get the chills i get a pain there as well....    also on certain days i'll fell the stinging\shrp\burn\pressure type pain on and off all day......... can reflux really hurt like this? i was diag. w h pylori bacteria.. are u aware of this causing chest pain?

You're describing classic H.Pylori it seems! Congratulations - the fever, chills, burning, pain, cramping, etc, are likely all related to the body attempting to drive out the bacteria - especially since the chills and the pain coincide.

If you want to read other people struggling with the same thing (some of whom describe exactly your sensation), try this site:

BTW, if you start feeling short of breath or dizzy, it's probably not h. Pylori and you should see your doctor for some heart tests, though at your age, this would be highly unlikely. You might also want to repeat the h.Pylori test, get a stool culture for parasites, and a blood test to see if anything else might be wrong.

However, at your age and with the second description you gave, sounds like an ulcer and reflux, which, btw, can provide ALL the symptoms you described, including the dumping and urge to go the bathroom. Here's some research articles if you're into the science:

Here's what I would try before panicking or going to the doctor:

1) Avoid all acid foods (orange, grapefruit, tomato, milk), especially tomatoes, since these will aggravate both conditions. Stay away from coffee, tea, and soda as well.

2) Consider staying away from high-fat foods, especially fried ones, and milk until the symptoms subside. These foods slow down the rate of movement through the stomach and could make the pain worse.

3) Take an OTC reflux med like Zantac or Prilosec every day for a week. This will help both reflux and ulcers.

4) Consider Echinacea tea (unless you have cancer, no spleen, arthritis, liver disease, or an autoimmune disorder) for no longer than 1 week - longer than that will result in depressed immunity.

5) Don't eat 1/2 hour before sleeping or exercising.

Here's a decent site on GERD management:

If the symptoms don't begin to subside, you'll need more than dietary management to help you out. I really hope some of this helps you to feel better.

Let me know if you still have questions.


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