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Category: Health
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I have a small "knot" or bump inside my penis ...

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I have a small "knot" or bump inside my penis about 1/2 way up the shaft (seemingly around my urinary tract?). It can only be felt when my penis is flaccid and I squeeze it firmly between my thumb and forefinger. I have no urinary or sexual problems or pain even when I squeeze the knot. Everything functions fine. I do not know whether it has always been there, and I have never noticed or whether it is new. It hasn't changed since I first payed attention to it a few weeks ago. Should I worry? If so, where should I go to get it checked out? Thank you for your help.


It sounds like a sebaceous cyst. I suggest to you to see a doctor preferably a dermatologist. For more information please click the link just below:





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Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to V. YetimyanM.D.'s Post: Thank you so much for your time and help. I am a little confused though as it seems that this is generally a hair follicle issue. Mine is not anywhere where hair would grow as it is moreless in the center of the center of my penis (seemingly attached to or around my urinary "tube". I cannor feel it if I have an erection, only when flaccid. It does not block or affect any urinary or sexual functions at all. can these cysts form in a place like that as well?
Thank you sincerely.


You do not have to have visible hairy area to have a sebaceous cyst to grow. You can see it in any place of your body covered with skin because skin has hair follicules in them. It can be your back , your tighs , your arms , your penis etc.






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