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I have a right renal stone in the lower pole that is 5mm in

Customer Question

i have a right renal stone in the lower pole that is 5mm in size & has been there for around 4 months & has not moved position & i have chronic renal all started with back & stomach pains that are worse than labour pains,that came from the soft area in my back between hips & ribs and come through to my stomach in waves of pain & then cramps.i keep getting water & kidney infections every week.i suffer with pain on my right kidney & just above the hip bones. i also get stomach cramps & pains, especially under the front ribs aswell as lower back ache. i do find it hard to eat solid food as i get these pains during or just after eating, & often the pains are so severe i cant eat at all.i have had weight & hair loss & my bowel habbits have stools are alot looser & i can have fresh blood or black patches on the stool or white mucus spots.i feel exhausted constantly but find it hard to fall asleep & i dont urinate for a while then i cant stop. im 26 & female,had 3 kids
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  PvtCareDr replied 10 years ago.


What is your weight & height?

What is your blood pressure & blood sugar level?

Is your right kidney hydronephrotic or not?

Any relevant medical history?

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
i am 5 foot 10 and around 10 stone, i was around 14 and a half stone a couple of months ago. blood preassure is normal but i dont know my sugar level.not sure what hydronephrotic means i am afraid. i do have familiar cholesterol which i should be give medication for soon, but it has jumped from 6.1 to 10.2 in the last 6 weeks. i had pnemonia around 4 years ago which has left me with a few breathing issues and suffer with migraines. i have noticed also with this current health issue i keep getting severe chills and then random fevers with headaches and constant severe nausea and at night my big toes go numb and sometimes my feet which always starts on the left first.
Expert:  PvtCareDr replied 10 years ago.


Can you clarify this

I am 5 foot 10 and around 10 stone, i was around 14 and a half stone a couple of months ago .

Okay your height= 5 foot 10 inches .

What does this mean

around 10 stone, i was around 14 and a half stone a couple of months ago ?

number of stones ?

size ?

Any ultrasound picture availaible ?

Any treatment history so far ?

Hydronephrosis is distention and dilation of the renal pelvis, usually caused by obstruction of the free flow of urine from the kidney.

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
i am 5 foot 10 inches tall, wieght is 140 pounds(i think i have the conversion right)was around 202 pounds a couple of months ago so there is just over 60 pound wieght loss.there is one stone which is 5mm in size. unfortunatly no ultrsounds pictures available and no treatment of anything as yet. i am taking tramadol and paracetamol for pain relief with metroclopromide for the nausea and buscopan. pain in the flank, often radiating to either the abdomen or the groin is the answer i can give you to the hypronephrosis
Expert:  PvtCareDr replied 10 years ago.


Usually 5 mm stones in kidney responds to conservative treatment like drinking lots of water and some herbs .

Check this link

Probably you should consult a urologist for a assesment for a further evaluation .If there is associated hydronephrosis and damge to kidney then aggresive treatment may be considered .

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
do you think all my issues are caused by the stone or do you think chrones disease is a more likely cause? i dont know if i just have one illness or if the stmptoms are caused by more than one illness?
Expert:  PvtCareDr replied 10 years ago.


Most likely you are only suffering from renal stone but if the stones increase then I will liketo check your suprarenal glands to rule out hyperparathyroidism.

In Homeopathy Berberis vulgaris is the drug of choice for renal stone. Homeopathic medicines have fair result in treating renal stones.

Please check this link to see shock wave lithotripsy to treat renal stone

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
thank you for the link. i have already asked about the shock wave therapy but the urologists i have saw refuse to treat this. they say this will only reduce a large stone to about 5mm anyway so there is no point doing the treatment. they refuse to do any treatment and claim because it is in the lower part of the kidney it should not be causing any symptoms or problems. they say it should be a silent stone but it is not silent at all.i can feel it scratching and scraping away and i have all the other symptoms too. the urologists claim it is something else that is causing my symptoms and claim it is not a urology issue. i have had an anal exam performed a few weeks ago and was told everything felt normal but every time the doctor pressed against my cervix i felt pain so was told there was a gynocological issue but this has not been investigated any further. i feel i am making a breakthrough and then the doctors run away from the issue and claim there is something else. i have not yet had a straight forward answer from them so i dont know what it is. i know about the stone because i asked the person who done the ultrasound scan and they confirmed the size and location but told me i would have to wait for my consultant to give me the report. the consultant said there was a stone but it was not causing my symptoms. this is why i have come here to try and get a straight answer and i hope this is what you can do. i have looked at the symptoms of renal stones aswell as chrones disease but my symptoms match both illnesses. there are probably a few more illneses out there that i could match to also.this is why i apriciate talking with an experienced doctor such as yourself.
Expert:  PvtCareDr replied 10 years ago.


5 mm stone usually produce less symptoms so you should rule out urinary tract infection or ovarian cyst.

In my life time I have treted 600 patients of stone by medicines & approximately 250 were cured with medicines where as I referred other patients for surgical intervention so you yourself can decide you want to start medicines or not.

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
i feel i am a dab hand at diagnosing when i have a unrinary infection now as i have had so many recently.even when i have no urinary infection, i still have the symptoms. during the ultrasound scans i have had, they have done a generallised check for gallstones etc and have never mentioned ovarian cysts. is it possible for you to give me the symptoms of ovarian cysts please? i feel confident with your knowledge and experience that you will be able to help me narrow things down here.
Expert:  PvtCareDr replied 10 years ago.


Ovarian cyst can only be diagnosed by Transvaginal ultrasonography & not with routine ultrasonography.

Please check this link

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Relist: I prefer a second opinion.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
i think the stone is starting to pass now as i have had severe pain in the groin area which has now eased and i find upon urination there is a terible pain right at the end. this does not feel like a water infection though. i am still not urinating for a while and then suddenly cant stop urinating. the pains in the kidney area have eased now but i still have alot of aches and pains in the area directly above my hips on my back and what feels like right in the centre where the hips meet. i have had one period (monthly cycle) since october last year but i know i am not pregnant. i have also noticed that when i am intimate with my husband i am in extreme lower abdomen pain the next day and my lower back is also sore. my bowel movements have also changed as it feels like there is a small rock blocking the passage way that is very hard to move and when it does pass its very painful and diorreah follows. my bowel habbits for the last 8 years were i past a motion about twice a month. since i have become ill back in october it changed to pretty much everyday and was a soft stool. now i am going every 3 or 4 days with the above problems. i am still getting the extreme nausea and stomach pains/aches/cramps directly under the diaphram