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Donna RN
Donna RN, Nurse (RN)
Category: Health
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Experience:  RN 13 years, Women's health, L&D, newborn/NICU, mom/baby, home health, pediatrics, breastfeeding
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I have been having cuts that develop in between my anus and

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I have been having cuts that develop in between my anus and vagina. They are painful and seem to develop whether or not I have been having sex. Could this be a sexually transmitted disease? I am very concerned and not sure what to do about it.

Hi! Some additonal information would be helpful for me to better answer your question:

1) What did the doctor say, and what was the cream prescribed?

2) Did the doctor test for STD's when you went in ? If so, which ones? Results?

3) Any itching? Bleeding? Pain?

4) Any vaginal discharge?

Let me know so that I may better assist you! Donna RN

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Donna RN's Post: Hello,
1)The doctor said it just looked like a small cut. And she prescribed betamethasone valerate cream.
2)I asked to be tested for everything and was sent for a blood test and urine test. Received no news of them so I assume that they were all negative. Not positive whether the doctor did a herpes test.
3)Slight itching. When the cuts develop they bleed during wipeing and sex. They are painful during these times as well.
4)No unusual vaginal discharge.

HI! I suspect that you may have an atypical presentation of a yeast infection. Sometimes, the only symptom is friable skin that tears and itches and sometimes bleeds. I suggest that you try a round of home 3 day yeast treatment, being sure to apply some of the cream the perineal area Do not have intercourse for 7 days to allow the area to heal completely. To help prevent a bacterial infection as a result of killing off the yeast, you may want to use a betadine/water solution to rinse the perineal area after BM's (1 oz betadine to 7 oz water). After the yeast treatment and waiting 7 days, you may want to use a Rephresh vagianl suppository to help re-balance the pH and natural flora. This should help.

let me know if you need any more information! Donna RN

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