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Sore swollen hands,sometimes itchy,red.burning,no

Resolved Question:

sore swollen hands,sometimes itchy,red.burning,no rash.swollen,sore joints also.sometimes localised swelling in different places on hands at different times.have had bi-lateral carpal tunnel surgery 7 yrs ago.symptoms are completly different.
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  PvtCareDr replied 10 years ago.


Although symptoms are different but basic problem seems to be same which led to carpal tunnel syndrome.Get your rheumatoid profile done. Take anti inflammatory medicines regularly & if the rheumatoid factor is strongly positive you should get a specific antibody test done & take remission therapy.

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
the burning,tingling,itchy,blotchy red symptoms are different to you think my hands might be getting carpal tunnel again?,and maybe arthritis also?it is very frustrating when my hands dont want to work(not that i can work,my hands are jut too sore)and they are continually sore and swollen.
Expert:  PvtCareDr replied 10 years ago.


Your hands are not getting carpal tunnel syndrome again but the basic cause of pathology appears to be same. Your further treatment can be planned only after Knowing rheumatoid factor.With remission therapy in consultation with local Doctor recovery will be fast.

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