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What are long term side effects of sepsis

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I had sepes ,I do have lung damage.and Kindney damage.It has been 15 month's.I think i should feel better by now.I was givin 10-20% chance of survival.
Wow, it seems you were very lucky. It also seems like you are doing all the right things now - good for you. Maybe you can tell me a little more about what happened to you before and after you got so sick - what types of treatments you had and so forth - you may need your family to fill in a few of the fuzzier details for you.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Hi,Prior to getting ill i had not been feeling well.Went to the Dr,had a Bladder infection.The Dr did not realize i was that ill,Sent me home ,Went back 3 day's on 4th day my husbad,told th Dr. that he was missing something ,I have no
memory off being in his office.My Dr listened to my chest,and i was off to the hospital.I was in ICU for 17 day's i was on Diayals for 3 day's.I had a bad lung infection,I was on life support at once.for what i went thru i think i do quite well.But i wonder will i ever fell as strong. Linda
The kidneys must have recovered fairly well, since you are no longer on dialysis.

Sounds like your lungs took a beating - once from the infection, and then from the mechanical ventilation - this can cause some scarring, some of which may go away and some of which may linger for quite some time. If you are having any respiratory issues, it may be worth while to have a visit with a lung specialist - a pulmonologist. This doctor can order Pulmonary function tests to see what damage there is and then perhaps better treatment can be started.

If you have generalized weakness, ask the doc about rehab - perhaps pulmonary rehab if appropriate - this is a 12 week, 2-3 days/week - program in which you will exercise on equipment and due to the pulmonary damage, you can be given oxygen while you exercise and if your doctor approves. You will also learn about any pulmonary meds or treatments that you currently have and there is a doc that will be supervising from afar and nurses instead of rehab therapists that will monitor your tolerance to the activity.

15 months is a long time to wait to feel better; maybe you can be an advocate for yourself in this and feel better soon.
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