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My nine-year old keeps defecating in his pants. It began

Resolved Question:

My nine-year old keeps defecating in his pants. It began back in June 2006. We thought he would just have accidents, but now it's gotten to the point where it's almost on a daily basis. He says that he isn't able to recognize when he's going to release. We don't scold him or get angry with him when this happens. We clean him up and try to help him figure out what happens. He normally is a very happy child, but it seems that this pooping thing is beginning to make him sad, and he is very popular within in his circle of friends and at school. I'm afraid he'll begin losing friends because he is always smelling like poop. These are loose and runny stools. We've asked him if somebody has ever hurt him or touched his private parts and he says no. Could there be something medically wrong with his rectum such as lack of muscle control or could be psychological or is he just doing this for attention and not trying to hold it? Any suggestions? I'm extremely concerned over this.
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  PvtCareDr replied 10 years ago.


Most likely this is a case of rectal incontinence.

He is advised a course of Norfloxacin 200mg B.D. for 1 week. If there is any infective pathology then he will recover .

If he does not recover then a barium enema is advised to rule our dilated colon pathology.

If the barium is normal then a surgical opinion is required because he may be having a loose sphincter which needs surgical repair.

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