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I have vaginal dryness plus vaginal atrophy. The odor is

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I have vaginal dryness plus vaginal atrophy. The odor is very bad and almost before I get out of thr shower you can already smell it.
Can you advise? I just went for a well woman's health exam.

Vaginal atrophy can be treated with estrogen therapy. I would discuss this with your GYN as she or he may prescribe an estrogen pill, a topical estrogen cream, suppositories to insert in the vagina or an estrogen skin patch. Estrogen cream or suppositories are inserted into the vagina using an applicator. Cream can be smoothed onto the skin of the vulva. An estrogen patch is applied once or twice a week to deliver estrogen through the skin.

Vaginal atrophy is an inflammation of the vagina that develops when there is a significant decrease in levels of the female hormone estrogen. The condition also is called atrophic vaginitis. Estrogen, which is produced by the ovaries, plays a vital role in keeping vaginal tissues lubricated and healthy. When levels of estrogen are low, vaginal tissue becomes atrophic thin, dry and shrunken.

Here is some info, let me know if you have questions:
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Customer: replied 10 years ago.
wHAT ABOUT THE SMELL? iT DRIVES ME OUT OF MY MIND..i'M SCARED TO SIT OR STAND BY nyonw for fear i will run this off
The hormone therapy will resolve the odor as well.

Do not douche to try to stem the odor, as this will only dry your vagina out more and make things worse.

Douching is very bad for a woman, here is some info:
Read the link I sent you related to douching.

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