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Can An Ingrown Hair Cause A Lump Under The Skin?

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I have a lump (more like a hard ball) just under the skin, next to my panty line between my legs. I think it started as an ingrown hair and I messed with it and messed with it and now there is the lump. It feels detached from the skin though. It sort of feels like a hemoroid but it is not near there and it is not on the "exterior". It is under the skin and cannot be seen, just felt. Please tell me it is not a blood clot that is going to travel to my brain and cause a stroke. 

1. How long have you had this lump?

2. Did it start out like a pimple?

3. Do you normally shave or wax in this area?

4. When you say you "messed with it", what did you do?

5. Is this lump closer the the vaginal area, or the rectal area?

Customer: replied 10 years ago.

1. About two weeks
2. I think so. Yes
3. Yes, shave
4. Squeeze it and try to pop it
5. Vaginal. But on the back end. Close to the rectal area but definitely still between my legs.

One last question, did this bump feel itchy or tender when it first appeared?
Customer: replied 10 years ago.

Not ichy and no more tender than a pimple would feel when pushing on it but not at all if I did not touch it. Today the lump is tender when I feel for it and while walking it is tender, not really painful but tender. I had left it alone for about two days and it was not tender but I went to feel for it last night to see if it was gone and it was not so I tried to pop it again and probably really irritated it. It's about the size of a small marble

You may have an ingrown hair that has turned into a sebaceous cyst. Usually treatment is not necessary and they resolve on their own. You should see your doctor or dermatologist in order for it to be diagnosed, since I cannot actually see it. It's best not to irritate these, and let them heal on their own. It will become more tender or get worse if you try to pop it. Blood clots are deeper in the body, in the veins and arteries. Since you report shaving in this area, an ingrown hair/sebaceous cyst is likely. Here's some good info: (scroll down to the Skin Changes section)

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