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My mother had a stroke back in February. It's been almost

Resolved Question:

My mother had a stroke back in February. It's been almost three weeks since her first seizure. After her first she recovered and was awake after two days. Just last week she had another seizure and it's been almost a week and she's still not awaken. My mom is 83 years old, diabetic, and has a pacemaker that was placed in her due to the first seizure. I know the doctors are doing the best they can but why is it taking so long to find out why she can't wake up yet. I was told she was on two anti-seizure medications, could that cause it. There's five sibilings and all of us can't be a the hospital at the same time to talk to the attending doctor.

Thank you,
Jaime Medina
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  wallace_rn replied 10 years ago.
Hi, is your mother on a ventalator or breathing machine?

Have they tested her for another stroke?

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
she on a ventalator. They did a CT and an EEG after the first seizure and we were told that she did not have any bleeding from the first stroke and the EEG was fine. After the second seizure were told CT was negative and the EEG was abnormal (I don't know what that means). As of today they've are giving her "ritiline" and some antibiotics. Again today we were told her heart pacemaker was set too high. I'm unsure what is meant by this since they told us her heart was fine as of three days ago.

I hope this help a little.
Expert:  wallace_rn replied 10 years ago.

Is she on any sedation? Commonly people on ventalators are sedated so she would not be awake. If she is not on sedation it could be that her body is overwhelmed and exhausted. Also she may still be having seizures that are not obvious to the eye. She may have experienced a period of time without enough oxygen to her brain. That could cause an abnormal EEG. And cause her not to wake up. Is she on any anti seizure medicine?


Customer: replied 10 years ago.
On your first question, yes she was on sedation but they removed it roughly two, three days ago. On your second question, shes on two anti seizue medicines. They've lower the concentration for concern it may be causing the unconciseness. Your reponses make a lot of sense.   Thank you for any informantion you can offer.
Expert:  wallace_rn replied 10 years ago.

Well it sounds as she is being treated throughly. Decreasing her medication will hopefully help. Hopefully they will do another scan of her head due to the fact that if she had another stroke caused by a clot that would not show up on a scan for a couple of days. If she was on powerful sedation, it may take a while to get out of her system. Especially because of her age. Again, I hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.


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