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Every once in awhile there is a stong odour to my urine. It

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Every once in awhile there is a stong odour to my urine. It smells burnt, just like toast. I have tried to pay attention to if I eat or do anything different at these times and come up with nothing.

Most of the time urine odors are temporary depending on the volume and concentration of the chemicals excreted by the kidneys. I list here some of the smells and their interpretations.

  • smell of ammonia- concentrated urine due to less fluid intake
  • Sweet smelling- in the presence of diabetes usually uncontrolled or undetected; sometimes a metabolic disorder can also manifest in this way
  • musty smell-liver disease and phenyl ketonuria
  • foulsmell- urinary tract infection or kidney infection
  • certain medications also cause typical smell as long as they are used

I would suggest you to go for a urine test so that the detection of the cause if any can be made. Any cause or abnormality that needs attention will be reflected in the investigation. Hope this answers your query and you are welcome to ask doubts if any or to seek more information on the answer given.

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