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What can i use to reattach my dental veneer until i can get

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what can i use to reattach my dental veneer until i can get to my dentist. My veneer/cap came off when I was eating and I would like to be able to reattach it with some glue until my dentist can do a repair on it. Since it will be several days before this can happen I'm looking for some help as I will be working with the public and it is a front tooth that is involved.

Hi! Call you dentist. If this is a veneer, you can NOT put this back on temp. You will damage it. If this is a cap, if you put it on temp., it could come off while you sleeping and you can inhale this. That would be a trip to the hospital for sure. Super glue is not for teeth and you could ruin the cap and the tooth permanently. You can try putting it on with temp. dental filling material that you can buy at the pharmacy, but it will fall out if you eat or drink anything hot. This is just for cosmetics and take it out at night. Front teeth have gravity against them so nothing but professional cements will work. Call you dentist on a emergency. I've recemented many crowns and bridges on Thanksgiving day or the day after including my own. There is always a covering dentist. Call now.

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