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What does it mean having fluid around the uterus

Customer Question

i went to the dr on wed. and he said that i have a lot of fluid around my uterus and he took blood from me and asked if i was in pain? Well I am and he said wait until i have my next period to see what happens..what does this mean?
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  NurseElisa replied 10 years ago.
Did you have a sonogram?
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to NurseElisa's Post: yes i did and all he told me was to wait until i had my next period..what could this be? what should i be watching for? i have pain everywhere and i dont know what to do..
Expert:  NurseElisa replied 10 years ago.
It could be either blood or pus. That's probably why he did bloodwork - to see if there is bleeding, as detected by hemoglobin, hematicrit levels and RBC's. The infection would drive up your white blood cell count and show an increase in other bacteria fighting cells.

There are a few causes, namely something called Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, an ectopic pregnancy may have occurred at some point where the fetus did not develop (if you are sexually active), an ovarian cyst may have ruptured and spilled fluid or blood into the abdominal cavity, inflammation of other organs can cause this, etc.

Your doctor is taking the right steps to see if there is any increase or decrease in the amount of fluid after your next period.

Treatment depends on the cause. There are a number of treatments and they would be lengthy, so I advise you to sit tight and follow your doctor's directions. I know you are uncomfortable, but the good thing is that he/she found the cause of your pain, and the next step is to determine why.