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I have a tingling sensation in my lower left leg(shin area).

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I have a tingling sensation in my lower left leg(shin area). It started yesterday and hasn't changed. It feels like that area is asleep.
There is something called Osgood Schlatter that develops in the shin area. Basically put, it is a fibrous calcification that occurs. You may have this, which is annoying but not serious. It usually develops in childhood ("growing pains" in the shin area) and doesn't affect anything except when it is starting to move or tear off, usually during adulthood. This can be confirmed by x-ray.

Many doctors recommend motrin for pain relief. Icing the area for 20 minutes a few times a day can help too. The numbness to the area can be related to this as well.

Though this website have information pertaining to children, it can give you good background information about the condition.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to NurseElisa's Post: I am not in any pain. It feels like the front of my leg has fallen asleep. Thanks,

If you sit in a chair and feel the bottom of your kneecap, then feel a little bit further down for the next bump, is it right there?
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to NurseElisa's Post: It is along my shin, all the way down, left leg, left side of my shin bone along that muscle.
There is something that is called compartment syndrome that causes numbness along side of the shin. This would present though with other symptoms. You would progress to have tingling, pain or loss of movement in an extremity.

If the numbness doesn't go away in 5 days, or the above symptoms develop, you would need to see an Orthopedist. Any temperature changes to the skin, such as hot or cold to touch, swelling of toes, foot, ankle or lower leg would be a red flag. Your toe nail circulation should look the same as on the other foot.

I've searched and read for over an hour, and this is the only hint I could come up with for the moment. However, if it were serious, other symptoms would begin.
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