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Burping out a cloud of smoke

Customer Question

Very strange but very true and disturbing? Twice now in the last week I have burped out a big cloud of grey smoke? It tastes like something is burning and deep in my lungs I feel like there is a light fire. The taste continues for several hours. I had a light headache immediately after the first time but not the second time. I was terrrified the first time and ran out of the room thinking somethign was on fire. The smell of burned wires was overtaking me. My husband who was a few feet away from me but had his back to me didn't see or smell anything after we re-entered the room. Neither did I but I can tell you it was VERY REAL. It happened again a second time 4 days later but the puff of gray smoke was smaller. I was using the bathroom at the time and the taste and smell of burned wires smoke was the same. It scared me and I screamed. I don't smoke and never have. The only smoke I've been around lately was a fog machine for Halloween many days before. What is happening?
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Health