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In a faithful relationship is it at all possible to contract

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In a faithful relationship is it at all possible to contract Chlamydia without either party having had sexual relations with another person


Always a sensitive area to discuss.

Can I ask for how long you have been in your realtionship and how the Chlamydia was detected?


Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Alexander Irvine's Post: Hi, thank you for being so prompt.

We have been in this relationship for approx 12 months (sexually active) last month my partner discovered that she had been bleeding during intercourse. She has had ill health for sometime and it was suspected that she might have glandula fever for which she has had a blood test approx 3 weeks ago. The results were negative. She is now convinced that she has Chlamydia! Her previous relationship was of 14 years duration and she is adament that she has slept with no one else. Similarly I too was in a very long term relationship of over 20 years duration and I know that I have not had any other sexual partners in all that time. Hence, my question.


Has she not had the diagnosis of Chlamydia confirmed by a Dr?


Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Alexander Irvine's Post: No! I have suggested she go back to her doctor for a more detailed exam and she has agreed to do so. My concern is that if she comes back with a confirmed Chlamydial diagnosis then she (being a very jelous person) will immediately suspect that I have been unfaithful and as I know that I have not, I do not want to throw back a counter accusation if it is possible to contract this infection by some other means, however rare that might be.


Chlamydia is always a sexually acquired.

However in females asymptomatic infection is common. It can be only years later when complications occur that the infection is detected.

Bleeding after intercourse is an important symptom and is just as likely to be due to a problem with the cervix rather than Chlamydia.


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