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Dr Amit Munjal
Dr Amit Munjal, Physician
Category: Health
Satisfied Customers: 4237
Experience:  B.A.M.S{Ayurveda Physician}Worked in various clinical departments like Medicine,ER,Gynae
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Why is sex a bit painful after long period of abstinence

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i am in my mid 60's and recently have begun a new relationship, after being abstinent for about 10-12 yrs. Sex is a little painful sometimes as I seem to be tight. Does your hymen regrow after a long period of no sexual activity? Will this resolve itself in time or is this the way it will be from now on? I hope something can be done because I am enjoying this reawakening in my life.

There can be various causes for Painful intercourse .This is called Dyspareunia in medical language.

Click here to read about the causes.

But as far as your age is concerned Vaginal Atrophy can be the likely diagnosis.Vaginal atrophy is an inflammation of the vagina that develops when there is a significant decrease in levels of the female hormone estrogen. The condition also is called atrophic vaginitis. Estrogen, which is produced by the ovaries, plays a vital role in keeping vaginal tissues lubricated and healthy. When levels of estrogen are low, vaginal tissue becomes atrophic — thin, dry and shrunken.

A water-soluble vaginal lubricant also can be used to moisten the tissues and prevent painful sexual intercourse. Regular sexual activity also can help to prevent symptoms. This is because sexual intercourse improves blood circulation to the vagina, which helps to maintain vaginal tissue.

Click here to read further.

If the symptoms persist you can consult a Gynaecologist for a clinical examination to rule out other Possibilities.

Dr Amit Munjal, Physician
Category: Health
Satisfied Customers: 4237
Experience: B.A.M.S{Ayurveda Physician}Worked in various clinical departments like Medicine,ER,Gynae
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Thank you for requesting me: I was offline, and Dr. Munjal gave you an excellent answer in my absence.

I agree with his assessment of the situation. I would only add one minor suggestion - you may want to talk with your gynecologist about using an estrogen cream for a few weeks. The estrogen will help revitalize the tissues and may help correct the problem.

I would recommend that you ACCEPT his answer.
Thank you for your using JustAnswer again!

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