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Dr. Steve
Dr. Steve, Doctor (MD)
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I have a strange chemical taste/smell in my mouth. It is

Resolved Question:

I have a strange chemical taste/smell in my mouth. It is worse if I breath through my nose. It is very irritating and somethimes gets so strong that I feel sick to my stomach. I also seem to have a little bit of mucus flow in the back of my throut.
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. Steve replied 10 years ago.

Hi lg--I'm glad to help; a few Q's:

-How LONG has this been going on?

-Have you had (or have now) a cold/flu, congestion, or ANY illness recently?

-Are you on any meds (if so, please list)?

-What type of work do you do?

Once you've answered these questions with clear, well-thought out answers, I will reply with my Expert Medical Opinion. Your answers will enable me to get closer to an accurate diagnosis, which is critical to obtaining successful treatment or cure.

Thanks, --Dr. Steve, Your Online Family Doctor

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Dr. Steve's Post: How Long has this been going on?
-It comes and goes, I remember this happening last year. But this time it has been occuring for about 5 weeks.

Have you had a cold/flu, congeestion or any illness recently?
-No none that have affected me, I usually have a dry nose and some mucus that I can feel in the back of my throut.

Are you on any meds?
-This morning I took some theraflu cold/flu, to try and get the mucus flow to stop and see if that would help my problem, but it has not.

What type of work do you do?
-I am a lab technician, but I do not come into contact directly with any of the chemicals I work with, and any with dangerous fumes are used in a fume hood.
Expert:  Dr. Steve replied 10 years ago.

Hi lg,

Based on all the info you gave--you MOST likely have 1 of 2 possible conditions:

1. Chronic, Intermittent (non-infectious) Sinusitis: [THIS is MUCH more likely]

This can be caused by seasonal (or episodic) allergies, which cause increased sinus fluid formation (this can taste 'chemical-like; metallic; bitter; salty...'; I've heard MANY descriptions used), which then drains down the back of the throat--and your taste/smell receptors detect it.


2. Injury to your Olfactory (smell) or Taste Nerves [called Cranial nerves]:

(this is LESS likely than #1, but far more serious)

There is the POSSIBILITY that a lesion in your brain (eg. cyst; fluid; aneurysm; blood vessel malformation; or even tumor) could be compressing (intermittently) either the taste or smell nerves, thus causing the symptoms you describe. Since sx also occurred last year, I would talk to your MD about getting a CT or MRI Scan of your Brain done, to RULE OUT the above pathologies [again--the odds are LOW, BUT it is great to be conservative, and to have piece of mind, I think you'd agree].

I DO hope you found my Answer to be helpful regarding your medical condition. IF SO-please hit **ACCEPT** (GREEN color) as you read this Answer, so that I might get credited for my time. THANKS for your trust!

--Dr. Steve

Best Wishes for Your Health,

--Dr. Steve, (Your Online Family Doctor)

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