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I have been feeling really weak, my arms and legs feel like

Resolved Question:

I have been feeling really weak , my arms and legs feel like putty. I feel shaky sometimes too, I have gained weight that i can't get off because I feel like I need somthing to eat all the time. I feel like it will make me feel better.I thought it might be low blood sugar but when i tested my levels they were not that bad. like 72 or so. It has been high sometimes too,as high as 270. But I always feel fine when it is high I feel worse when it is normal. My doc. hasn't really given me a reason why I feel this way, she just says she doesn't think I am diabetic because when she checks my blood levels they are ok. What else could make me feel this way?? I feel so bad I am 33 and I have four children to take care of, but somedays I can hardly get off the couch I am so weak. Oh I have had a cpmplete hysterectomy too. In case that helps any.
Thanks so much,
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  haloprecious replied 11 years ago.

Hi Lori,

Diabetes is one of common reasons for weakness without cause but there are other reasons too.These include-

  1. Thyroid imbalance-usually an excess of thyroid hormone secretion would cause extreme fatigue
  2. Addison's disease-this leads to a deficiency of glucocorticoid hormones and consequently weakness
  3. Neurologic disorders- like multiple sclerosis,stroke(though weakness here is localized),GBS, palsies
  4. Muscular disorders - like myotonic dystrophy, myasthenia gravis, dermatomyositis can manifest as weakness.
  5. organophosphates or insecticides toxicity can cause the feeling of fatigue

The neurologic and muscular causes are not common ones.I have shown them here for awareness. But you should go in for complete checkup to rule out the hormonal causes which are very common and treatable. A medicine specialist would be the best guide here for you. Hope this has been helpful and I wish you an early recovery.

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