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bleeding from nose and rectum

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My uncle is 69 years old and has not had any known medical issues in the past. He just recently started having nose bleeds and would lose 3 or 4 ounces of blood before it would stop. This happened for a week or so and some times 3 or 4 times a day, so he went to a doctor to have it checked out and he said it was probably a blood vessel that had burst in his nose or sinuses and sent him back home and told him that if kept ocurring to come back in. It stopped happening, but within a month, he was losing massive blood out of the other end. He said it felt like he had diarhea, but it would be nearly all blood. His son rushed him to the ER and he was admitted in the ICU department and was given 2 units of blood. The doctors made him fast for two day and then did a colonoscopy and removed to polyps and sent them off for further testing. They said his colon actually looked very good for someone his age. However he had another couple bleeding episodes during the rest of the week and was given another 4 units of blood for a total of 6 units during his one week stay. They still don't have the results back on the polyps and it has been four days since they sent them off. Could the nose bleeds and the rectal bleeds have anything in common? Also, my uncle has been a heavy drinker for some 30 or 40 years, could this bleeding be tied to a liver problem from the alcohol? The doctors won't give us any hints at what could be going on here until the tissue test results come back. Is this because if it is a cancer the treatment might be different than if it is not cancer?
were the doctors made aware of his heavy drinking problems.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to 4ren6's Post: I am not sure. Probably not unless they specifically asked if he had one because he is not proud of it and most likely wouldn't offer that information out of the blue.

I can not believe that they would have overlooked this as a cause as blood work would have been made during the hospital stay. But I would be very concerned on his condition and the fact the doctors do not seem to have any clear cut ideas concerns me. The biopsies of the polyps may give some insight but the bleeding from the nose and rectum can be associated with some conditons as well.

Read over this and let me know if you feel these match his primary symptoms.


As you can see the liver can and does have major blood relations throughout the body and this very well could be his problem.

This can lead to varicose veins in the stomach and esophagus (gastric and esophageal varices) and rectum (hemorrhoids). Gastric and esophageal varices can rupture, bleed massively and even cause death.

From the link above if read fully.

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to 4ren6's Post: Well, yes I think it could be symptoms of cirrhosis of the liver. But is there anything else that comes to mind that we should give consideration? Should I make his doctor aware of the drinking problem since I doubt he has?
You need to make his doctor aware of this problem yes. It very well may be the polyps for the rectal bleeding but would not explain the nose bleeds. The info that I gave you above and below fits his condition very much. He could have had rectal bleeding and esophageal bleeding due to this.

This can lead to varicose veins in the stomach and esophagus (gastric and esophageal varices) and rectum (hemorrhoids). Gastric and esophageal varices can rupture, bleed massively and even cause death.

Other then stomach ulcers or other upper or lower gi problems I can not suggest other options to the problem.

Please reply back if you need me.


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