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Can two people with negative blood types have children

Customer Question

can two people with negative blood types have children
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Family Physician replied 11 years ago.
Your question read "Can two people with negative blood types have children"
The answer to this question is YES - there is no reason that two people with negative (Rh-) blood types can't have children.

I suspect that your question may have been truncated.
Where you trying to ask "Can two people with negative blood types have children with positive blood type?"
If that is the question - then the answer is NO.

Rh- is a recessive gene (Which mean the only way you have Rh- blood type is to have both of the genes that determine the Rh type be the Rh-. The child gets one gene from each parent. Since both parents each would only have Rh- genes, the baby MUST be Rh-.

The other related question - Can two people with POSITIVE blood types have a child with negative? Here the answer is YES.
Since the Rh+ gene is dominant - someone with Rh+ blood type, can have one of their genes being Rh-. In this case, if both were positive blood type - 1/4 of their children would be Rh- blood type.