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ER Doc
ER Doc, Doctor (D.O.)
Category: Health
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Experience:  Board Certified Family Physician with 7 years emergency medicine experience.
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I cannot take a deep breath, have a dry cough but if I push

Customer Question

I cannot take a deep breath, have a dry cough but if I push it becomes deeper and cough up nasty stuff that does not belong there. I also have a lump in my lower back on the right side, that I can just feel, kind of sitting there. This became apparent about a week ago. Low grade fever. how long can i put off seeking medical attention.
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  ER Doc replied 11 years ago.

if you have a fever and are coughing up thick sputum, you should see a sounds like you have pneumonia -- if you smoke, then stop smoking. usually a minor viral 'chest cold' will not cause us to bring up so much phlegm or produce much of a fever at all past a day or 2.

other possibilities are reactive airway disease (similar to asthma) or bronchitis or a blood clot i your lung -- all of which you need to see a doctor for, so...go see one!

as far as the lump, i am not sure what you are referring to -- if it is in the muscle layer, it could be a muscle spasm due to the coughing/pneumonia/sitting differently than usual from being could also be a skin infection or growth -- but that doctor can look at it for you!