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Pam, Nurse (RN)
Category: Health
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Experience:  17 years of RN experience. Most of my experience has been Director of Nursing.
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I was at a stop light on june 20th of this year, and

Customer Question

i was at a stop light on june 20th of this year, and rear-ended completely unexpectedly by a large suv(yukon). i had bad whiplash (voice was hoarse and first time i ever felt a spinal headache) and lumbar sprain. about 5 to 6 weeks after accident i thought i was about 80% better when all of a sudden i started noticing my lower back hurt, saw 2 different doctors who told me i was too young for this without ever looking at me just an xray and dismissing me. (i am 29 with 2 kids, 2nd being an emergency c-section due to placenta abruption 10 weeks early - hes perfectlyhealthy 11 months old and 22 pounds now) tried to deal and hope it would heal- chiropractor caused so much pain, physical therapy kept making the problem feel inflamed and worse after 3 or 4 days rest feel slightly better and would go back to pt and go home hurting and wake up crying. i have some numbness- right hand thumb sometimes left hand thumb but 50% of the day the right one tingles and goes numb when ever i use it(i had a problem with tendonitis that i learned to control in 97 and by 1999 never realy had a problem-although there is no pain now mostly tingling some numbness in right thumb) left thumb most numbness when affected. toes will occassionaly go numb- either the three middle toes in the right foot and a few times all toes and a few times the left middle toes but to make it more confusing 80% right three middle toes numbness no tingling. did one day have a numbness that started in left big toe and crept to be my whole left foot before going away within 2 minutes. constant lower back pain, pain in top of butt both sides but still mostly right, although once the right is at its peak the left is soon to follow. the pain builds when i sit, stand still, lay on back with legs flat, releif is felt with back flat and knees bent in air. cant take care of my 2 small children this way- i do it on their naps usually. the pain walking is bad too. i can sometimes feel a grind in the upper but area when i walk when it hurts bad. never had lower back problems in my whole life till now. im stuck walking around mostof the day slowly in the way i have figured out to try and keep myself somewhat comfortable but the pressure in the lower area is giving me hemroid pains so sometimes when i stand i feel like one is trying to push out and i have to keep those muscles tight. i also feel slight pressure similar to when my daughter was going into my birthcanal, often creating a feeling that i need to have a bm, but dont. the pain though does seem to give me diareah , when the pain hits sharp i can feel my insides go mushy and soon have to go. i am miserable and finaly found a doctor to order more xrays, we didthose today (medicaid rules) and plan on doing the mri next week finally. but it has taken me pushing- telling them not to give me any pain medication (1st thing they say when they walk in - i still dont understand that) so i told my new doctor not to prescribe me anything, not even ibuprofen since i can buy that otc. but to fix me, because fixing me should stop the pain. i can not work till this is fixxed since even 1/2 to one hour of sitting upright causes such lower back pain it triggers a fright or flight like feeling because of the ever rising pain and pressure in lower back and butt. this letter is so long for me to type and this is not normal. i am a or at least thought i was a physically fit person who walked 2 to 5 miles at least every other day. 2 kids no car for 3 years, and a single parent- been alot of walking , 134 lbs and never had these issues before my car accident. what do you suggest test wise and do u have any idea what it is. the closest i have found to the symptoms on line is si joint, with nerve issues either from the hypermobilty or possibly instabillity. i need help because like i said i have had to keep pushing the doctors - medicaid is a hard insurance to get anything other than pregnancy dealt with. please help soon. jessica
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Pam replied 11 years ago.
Hello and Welcome to Just Answer,

This can be caused from several reasons. So let me get this all put together. You are having lower back pain and nothing helps. Standing and sitting makes it worse. Also you are having tingling and numbness in your toes and hands. Is this correct? The only professionals you have seen are regular doctors, a chiropractor and a physical therapist? Any other doctors that they have suggested? What is it that they say it is? Or do they just put you off?

Thank you,
Pam Russell RN
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Pam's Post: they've been putting me off because part i think is because i am 29, and second they just think i am coming for pain medication for some reason, it took me arguing with my new doctor that that was not what i wanted- i told her not to even prescribe me ibuprofen if that is what it took. that if they could fix my back then there would be no pain. so i have been stuck like this and it feels like i have had to fight to get looked at. just got my xrays thursday so that they could order my mri, waiting for that call. this wednesday i see a spine specialist - the first time i went in there 2 months ago he told me i needed to stand up straight, he had done a few reflex test, no mri's nothing. now they want to see me for a follow up since my new doctor called to talk to them. i had to remind my doctor that she was in a hospital and asked her to ask for the xrays and mri. me looking on line everything i found about the si joint matches. where its at the sitting and standing thing, the bathroom problems and tingling. i have various toes will go numb when standing left and right foot. right thumb numb half the day anymore. everyday i wake up with the hand numb (right) sometimes it just feels like my back is gonna break. last night i picked up something too heavy and felt (top of but crack ->to the left and right size of one one those little hard rubber bouncing balls one on each side. that part hurts, and when the pain comes it feels like the muscle is squeezing my lower spine , like gripping it/spasms, so painful it catches my breathe. after a block of pushing my stroller i hurt real bad. carrying my 11 month old too long is a bad one too. which makes my upper back in between my shoulder blades hurt too - that ones probably the tension from trying to get through the pain. going to bed stinks too. i usually meditate to stay off the fact that it hurts unless im laying on the floor with my knees up. that is how i fall asleep, and there is no sleeping in, once i have enough sleep my body wakes up(5 hrs) because it hurts to sleep- so when the solid sleep is gone the pain wakes me everyday, so i get up and get going- the get going is giving me hemroid pressure to where i have to squeeze my butt cheeks or it hurts realy bad. this much sitting to write this my lower back is just like radiating pain up to under the shoulder blades like i had said earlier it does. i dont know how i am gonna go back to working 8 hrs like this when i can't sit longer that 30 min's 1 hour tops. i wonder if my joints or bopnes though could be brittle - i crushed the pinky toe joint 6 years ago from walking into a table. march this year i hit my right hand into a wall when falling in the basement (getting the stroller)and damaged the knuckle of middle finger right hand, now when i make a fist the tendon slips over to the right- to twist things or anything too hard feels like the tendon wants to tear, could my body be week or brittle or something like that. i was under weight with my son and had 7 teeth pulled with him too. i have 4 teeth right now that are broken and can barely chew up food- but the back still hurts more than that.   i need a doctor as curious as me - and more respect on medicaid, that feels like the problem to me.
Expert:  Pam replied 11 years ago.
Dear Jam,

I know exactly how you feel. I had worked all my life as a Registered Nurse until about a year ago. I had the same problems as you except a few things different. You could have carpal tunnell in your hands. That is what it sounds like and I have had that fixed through surgery. Last year, I was having severe lower back pain and was the same as you as far as not being able to sit, stand, or even work. I went to several hospitals and doctors, and because I had no insurance they didn't want to do anything. I finally just told them that they have to treat me even if I don't have insurance. Come to find out I had a large mass in my colon which was causing my back and right hip joint to shift. I was taken into emergency surgery and to this day I take multiple pain medications and I am on disability because my back and hip cannot be fixed. I am not saying this is happening to you, but that was the farthest thing from my mind and the doctors when they were trying to figure out what was wrong. The only thing different is that I was having alot of cramping and abdominal pain. You definately sound like you have some sort of shifting of the spine which in turn could possibly be pushing down on a nerve which is making the pain worse. Anything that has to do with you back or spine, will affect your legs, feet, arms, and other things. You need to insist that they do all kind of tests especially the mri, which that is how they found my colon mass. They cannot refuse to treat use simply because you have no insurance or you are on medicaid. I suggest you start applying for disability right away, because it may be along time before this is fixed. They will pay you all the back pay and time you have been without work. I went through Alsup Inc. and received mine the first time around. They don't want anything up front, they will take the cost out of your back pay and they do all the work. When and if you are able to go back to work, you can. Your disability will stop. If things come back and you cannot work, then you can get your disability to start again. If you have anymore questions, please ask.

Thank you,
Pam Russell RN