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For the past 3 and 1/2 years I've had a high cell count of

Resolved Question:

For the past 3 and 1/2 years I've had a high white cell count of between 12-16. I have been to a hematoligist and had a CT scan of my abdomen and the following have been ruled out... noticible Disease or virus, Rhematoid Arthitis, Lukemia, Cancer, Tumor, Anemia etc. My red count is pretty normal. The Hematoligist said "you have me stumped." I have no children and miscarried last year. There is no history of this in my family. What could cause a high white blood cell count?
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Vicky B replied 11 years ago.


When was your last white cell count? Was the WBC differential done and if so what were the results? This is the count of each of the different types of white cells. It should include the neutrophils, lymphocytes, monocytes, eosinophils and basophils.

Are you on any medications?

Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Vicky B's Post: Hi. Yes, I always get the CBC because of my high white blood cell cout. The last one I had was done 06/11/2006. CBC results were: WBC 15.5 (normal range 3.8-10.8), Hemoglobin 13.8, Abs. Lymphocytes 2434, red blodd count 4.2, hematrocrit 42.0, platelet count, 403 (not usually this high, though it's just outside) Abs. Neutrophils 12323, neutrophils 79.5 (%), lymphocytes 15.7 (%), monocytes .8 (%)basophils .2 (%),Abs.Monocytes 589, Abs. Eosinophils 124, Abs. Basophils 31, MCH 32.9, MCHC 33.0 and RDW 13.9.
I take Celexa 20mg as needed. However I stopped taking it for one year to see if there were a connection. In that year I took nothing and my WBC remained the same.
Expert:  Vicky B replied 11 years ago.

You have an increased percentage of neutrophils. The normal range is 40% to 60% and yours is 79.5%. Increased neutrophils can indicate the following:

  • Acute infection-which you don't seem to have

  • Gout-which you would know about if you have red, swollen joints in your feet or hands

  • Leukemia-which was ruled out

  • Rheumatoid arthritis-ruled out

  • Rheumatic fever-again you would notice fever, joint pain, skin rash, etc.

  • Acute stress-has your life been stressful for 3 years?

  • Thyroiditis-were you tested for thyroid disease?

  • Trauma

If you are otherwise healthy and not having any physical symptoms, it may just be your 'normal' wbc is just higher. I wouldn't worry about it unless you start to have signs and symptoms of any of the diseases you have been tested for.

Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Vicky B's Post: Thank you. I get night sweats but it is unrelated to menopause (ruled out for the second year with annual blood work 06/11/2006). I have been tested for thyroid and it was negative. My shin bones and my upper, lower arms and hands often feel like the bones there hurt/ache bad. My stress is as it has been for the last 15 years, generally pretty high due to the type of work I do. My skin breaks out in what the doctor calls a fungus, but I get it all the time. With no other signs, I suppose it is possible that this is now my normal WBC. I caution with this. Why would it have only just started in the last 3 years? How is that possible?
Expert:  Vicky B replied 11 years ago.

It may have been creeping up before that time and you were just unaware of it. With your repeated fungal skin infections, your body is always having to fight something. Also, your stressful job could be "catching up to you". Being under stress for many years does cause wear and tear on the immune system.

It is good that you go for regular check ups. Trying to find a way to decrease the stress in your life would be good also....perhaps a job change?

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