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Candi, Mommy
Category: Health
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Experience:  Mom of 3, family planning counselor @ CPC, daughter of cancer survivor, wife of stroke survivor.
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I always feel a hot sensation inside my stomach. could it be

Customer Question

I always feel a hot sensation inside my stomach. could it be responsible for my inability to conceive? i have been trying for 3yrs to conceive. i also discovered that i dont see cervical mucus when i'm supposed to be ovulating. what do you think is wrong and what can i do or take to get over the hot sensation and to see cervical mucus.
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Candi replied 11 years ago.
The fact that you do not see cervical mucus certainly could be a reason you are having a hard time conceiving. The cervical mucus is the primary pathway sperm use to travel from the cervix to the egg. Since you have already tried vitamin supplements to treat your lack of cervical mucus I suggest seeing a doctor and having your fertility tested. He or she may have a medication you could take to increase your cervical mucus. You can also try to create a pathway yourself when you know you are ovulating by using an applicator to place KY jelly or another lubricant far inside your cervix so the sperm has a pathway to travel.
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