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I cut myself on a barnacle while ocean swimming. Should I be

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I cut myself on a barnacle while ocean swimming. Should I be conserned about getting an infection?

You should be okay, so long as you take care of the wound site. Keept the cut clean and continue to use the antibiotic ointment.

If the wound doesn't appear to be healing, or if the wound site begins to show any sign of infection (e.g., pus or fluid appearing at the wound site, an increase in redness of the wound, if you begin to run a fever, etc. Click here.), you should see your doctor immediately. Additionally, if your immune system or general health is in any way compromised (e.g., if you suffer from Diabetes or are undergoing chemotherapy) you should see your doctor asap.

Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to HealthGuru aka Emily's Post: I have pain in the cut area on my foot and hand but no reddness. can I use anbesol to numb the pain? I also washed my wound with hydrogen peroxide.
Thank you for your quick answer
Hi again-

You should probably avoid the Anbesol, for a few reasons: First, you want to be able to evaluate the level of pain you are experiencing. For example, if the site begins to get infected but it's too numb to feel, you'll miss your body's warning sign telling you you need help (e.g., a worsening degree of pain can signal an infection). Second, Anbesol is really only meant to be used on mouth sores.

For the pain, you can take one or two Advil's (or other pain medication) - this will not have the same numbing effect the Anbesol would have, so you will still be able to judge if the wound is getting infected.

Washing the wounds with hydrogen peroxide was a good idea. Just be sure to watch them over the next few days.

Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to HealthGuru aka Emily's Post: Thank you Emily

do i need a tenus shot I can not remember when I had my last one?
Excellent question.

Typically tetanus is only a concern when you have a puncture wound from an item that is metalic and rusty (such as a nail). This is because the bacteria causing tetanus lives in the soil. Because you were injured in water, it is unlikely you will become infected.

However, because it's been a while since you've had one, it certainly wouldn't hurt for you to go and get one now (it's recommended you have one every 10 or so years, unless you have a fairly major puncture injury, in which case if the shot was over 5 years ago you should get another one).

For more information, click here.

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