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Why do I suddenly have an amonia taste in my mouth?I also

Resolved Question:

Why do I suddenly have an amonia taste in my mouth?I also have a lot of mucus and can taste a slight bit of amonia when I swallow? I take Furosemide for fluid build up and have felt relly weak for a few days. I take several heart and blood preassure meds as well and my ankles have been pretty swolen up today.
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  haloprecious replied 11 years ago.

Hello sir,

Ammonia or metallic taste in the mouth is usually taken as an indication to kidney malfunctioning.You also seem to have bipedal swelling which is another indication that your kidneys are not functioning properly.

Metallic taste is thought to be due to accumulation of urea(waste product) which occurs when kidney fails to excrete it.

I would suggest you to visit your doctor immediately.

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