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EsquireEmily, Counselor with advanced degrees
Category: Health
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Experience:  General medical experience + sexual and mental health. Worked in hospitals and clinics.
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For the last few weeks, I have had excessive salivation (I

Resolved Question:

For the last few weeks, I have had excessive salivation (I feel like I always need to spit) and periods of nausea (haven't actually gotten sick, but feel like throwing up). I am under unusual amounts of stress at work and at home, but am concerned that this may be a medical issue other than stress. Please give me your opinion. Thanks, Ava
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  EsquireEmily replied 11 years ago.
Hi Ava-
Is there any chance you could be pregnant?
Are you on any medication?
Do you have any other symptoms (e.g., sore throat, headache, constipation)?
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to HealthGuru aka Emily's Post: Well, I had my tubes tied in October 2000, so I would really like to think that I'm not pregnant. I suppose there is the possibility though. I have had only slight headaches that come and go. Other than that, no other symptoms, not taking any medications.

Expert:  EsquireEmily replied 11 years ago.
Thanks for the information.
If you had your tubes tied, the chances of your being pregnant are very very slight.
If you're under a great deal of stress right now, your symptoms could
absolutely be related to this. Particularly if you have no other
symptoms (e.g., if you were having bad heartburn, headaches, fever,
etc., in addition to the symptoms, I would think you would have an
underlying medical problem).
You need to go to your
doctor to get checked out, however, to make sure there is nothing else
going on. He/she may refer you to a psychiatrist/psychologist as
well, if there don't appear to be any underlying medical problems - the
therapist could prescribe something to help you deal with the stress
(if you'd like a prescription - not everyone does), or help give you
tips on how to relax and separate the mental stress from the physical
side effects you're feeling from it.
Feel better soon!
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