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My face and hands keep going extrmemly pale and I have not

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My face and hands keep going extrmemly pale and I have not been feeling so well lately. I am anemic and have been having issues with my body not absorbing oxygen for some reason,

sorry, but it's not clear to me what you're question is...?
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Phil's Post: For the past three days I keep getting extremely pale and yelow on color on the palms of my hands and face and noticed my lips are pale as well. I was having breathing issues a few months ago and on oxygen for low oxygen absorption. I since been removed from the oxygen. I was wondering if being so pale and feeling so light headed and feeling like doing absolutly nothing menas anything is wrong. IS there anything that would have these symptoms and should I see my doc for something so minor, yes my breathing is not up to par once again as well, and do you think they will put me on oxygen again?

Well, I need a little bit more information. First, how old are you? What other medical problems do you have? What medicines do you take? Are you feeling well otherwise?

Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Phil's Post: I am 33 a female, and not taking any meds at this time. Just really feeling under the weather and now I am starting to get the shakes, still very pale
You certainly sound like you could be anemic, which means you have a low number of red blood cells, which carry your oxygen. This will make you pale, feel under the weather, and might even necessitate you be on oxygen.

The most common reasons for anemia include inadequate iron intake (especially if you're a vegetarian), and heavy menstrual bleeding. Treatment for this would include taking iron tablets, and possibly, for instance, birth control pills to help reduce the amount of bleeding. Sometimes people are even transfused with blood to improve this.

There are other reasons you COULD be anemic.

But regardless of the cause, you should be evaluated by your doctor.   This doesn't sound like a problem that will go away by itself, and you need to make sure you don't have something else going on, like an infection. Your symptoms could also be associated with a viral infection. But only blood work and appropriate evaluation by your doctor will lead to an answer.

I hope this helps. Please keep asking if you need clarification!!
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Phil's Post: I didnt accept the answer due to you already told me things I knoew and had told you. I AM anemic and have been for a few months now. I wanted to know if the lightheadedness, pale skin and not so comfortable breathing were due to me being anemic and if it means my anemia is getting worse?
Rather than not accepting the answer, it's better to ask for more clarification, as you have done!

Yes, the symptoms you describe (lightheadedness, pale skin, and difficulty breathing) are ALL associated with anemia. It may or may not mean that your anemia is getting worse, but the only way to know would be to be evaluated by your doctor. These symptoms do NOT mean that there is "nothing wrong" as you suggested.

Usually, if you are having difficulty breathing, and it's caused by the anemia, your blood count is probably pretty low, and you SHOULD be seen by a doctor. That's why I speculated that the combination of anemia and a viral infection may make your breathing worse.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure I can give you the answer that you're looking for, because without evaluating you in person, and knowing your entire medical history (as only your doctor does), nobody could say for sure whether or not the symptoms you are having are 1) just your anemia at its baseline and nothing to worry about, 2) your anemia getting WORSE and you should go to have it evaluated or 3) something else, like an infection, that is making you not feel well. Certainly, having the shakes suggests an infection, and because your body is already a bit weakened by the anemia, a viral infection may seem WORSE in you than in someone who is NOT anemic, if that makes sense.

Sorry to have been unclear.
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