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2 boys in which both have a staff infection

Customer Question

i have 2 boys in which both have a staff infection what could cause this?
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  ERnurseToni replied 11 years ago.
Staph is everywhere! It is on your body and skin in normal flora. Where is the staph located? It can easily get to hair follicles, insect bites, or, of course, open skin such as wounds, scratches, scrapes,etc. Most infections from and on the skin are staph. Usually MRSA, which is a BAD GRANDADDY of staph which is resistant to many lines of antibiotic and treatments. So, scratching an insect bite, swimming in ponds, creeks, public places, and many more array of things will cause this. What is important is that your boys are on the right type of antibiotics and treatment. What are the meds that they are on?
Toni Knight RN