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Im feeling dizzy and light headed and minor chest pain. I

Resolved Question:

im feeling dizzy and light headed and minor chest pain. I went to the E R the other day for the same reason but everything looked fine except 1 test and the told me to make an appt with a heart doctor. What can i do right not to feel better. im 25 years old
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Family Physician replied 11 years ago.
Do you know what test was abnormal? Did they tell you what they thought was the problem?

Do you smoke - Do you drink caffeine?

Are you taking any medication?
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Family Physician's Post: No I dont smoke. I do drink some coffee though and some soda but not much. I believe the test they said was high was an ECG. This is what the test results say.
Rate 78
PR    150
QT 327
QTC 372

QRS 80
T 15
i DONT KNOW IF YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS BUT THATS WHAT THE TEST SHOWS. mY HEART BEATS REALLY HARD SOMETIMES. Sometimes hardenough to actually see my shirt move with the beat. Any help would be appreciated. Thanx.
Expert:  Family Physician replied 11 years ago.
First I will address the caffeine issue - caffeine can increase the frequency of "extra" beats - which can cause "pounding" or "skiped" beat feelings. The extra beats are not usually dangerous - but can be annoying.

I would eliminate ALL caffeine while you are waiting to see the cardiologist.

The interpretation of EKG depends partly on the numbers you gave me (these represent various time measurments on the tracing) but MUCH of it is related to the SHAPE of the various waves or "squiggles".

There is nothing really worrisome about the numbers - It may be the shape. The problem - it is impossible to interpret an EKG without the visual aspect (not something you can do by this forum)

I would eliminate the caffeine-it may make you feel better.
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Family Physician's Post: They also said something about me having a little bit of an inlarged heart. They said its not to bad. If a person has an enlarged heart is there something that can be done.
Expert:  Family Physician replied 11 years ago.
An enlarged heart can sometimes be detected on an electrocardiogram based on a number of criteria including the size of the waves. If indeed there is a question of an enlarged heart, the cardiologist would probably perform an echocardiogram (an ultraound of the heart that give a good view of the valves and dimensions of the heart muscle and chambers of the heart.

There are a number of medications that can be used to treat the enlarged heart (ventricular hypertrophy) including beta blockers such as Lopressor or Toprol (metoprolol), angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors (such as lisinopril, captopril) or angiotensin receptor blockers (Avapro, Cozaar)

Keeping blood pressure under control is also important.
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