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I have swollen glands, sore throat, puss pockets, extreme

Resolved Question:

i have swollen glands, sore throat, puss pockets, extreme tiredness and today i just started with feeling lightheaded/dizzy. could this be mono? could i be pregnant?
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Kerry replied 11 years ago.

How long have you been on the antibiotic?

Have you missed a period?


Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Kerry's Post: I was on the antibiotic for 10 days. I never skipped a dose or anything. Made sure to take it faithfully since I was in so much pain.

I have not skipped a period. I had my last period 2 1/2 weeks ago.

I'm going to check out your info online. Thanks for your help!
Expert:  Kerry replied 11 years ago.


I don't think you are pregnant, but a pregnancy test is the only real way to tell.

As far as your throat symptoms, if you have been on augmentin for ten days, and not feeling any better, it's time to go back in and see what else is going on with you.

You may need a different anbitiotic.

At that time, you can surely ask for a mono test to be done.

It is always possible.


Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Kerry's Post: I had blood taken today. I guess the results will be back in 2-3 days, which means I'm going until Monday feeling extremely tired and having a swollen throat. Does it sound like mono to you and do you have any suggestions as to something maybe over the counter i can take to make me more comfortable?
Expert:  Kerry replied 11 years ago.

IF you do have mono, the best thing to do is get plenty of rest, plenty of fluids, and a good nutritious diet. If you are positive for mono, there may be some prescription anti-viral meds that they can give you, but this would be up to your doctor.

So, take it real easy. Listen to your body. Rest a lot.


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